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A Man in Mesa arrested for attempting to lure teenage employees of the grocery store for sex

Mesa, AZ – A man in Mesa has been arrested on the charges of attempting to coaxing teenage employees of a grocery store for sexual favors.

According to the Police, the name of the man is Roy Daniels Waleski, and he is age is 66. Roy Daniels faces two counts of felony charges for trying to lure minors and asking for sexual favors.

As per the Police, Waleski has a history of sex crime cases against him. He was earlier reported for of similar wrongdoings twice in the space of six months.

The recent case took place at a Fry’s store which is located near the Main Street and Garfield Road in Mesa.

The incident reportedly took place on 9th of January when Waleski approached a 17-year-old boy who was working at the store and asked him for sexual favors.

As reported by the Police, Waleski enquired from the teen, “whether he was sexually active with his girlfriend” and further he offered him $40 and demanded that the boy perform a sexual act on him.

In his statement, the teenager told the Police that Waleski had approached him earlier during the time of Christmas and had placed a similar demand seeking sexual favors for money.

During the Police investigation, Waleski admitted about asking the teenage boy about his girlfriend. However, he denied anything regarding demanding sexual favors from the boy.

Amid the investigation, Police investigated another 16-year-old boy who was also approached by the man at the same place for the similar demand.

The boy told the Police that Waleski had inquired him about his personal life and regarding his sexual preferences.

Upon being rejected the offer by both the teenage boys, Waleski tried to coax them persistently but could not be successful.

In his defense, Waleski has denied offering any money to the boys and asking them for sexual favors of any nature.

As of now, he has been freed from the jail and has been ordered to wear an ankle monitor and follow curfew restrictions. He has also been asked to appear before the court on 6th of February 2019.

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