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Pheonix rapper Patterson dies: A man who gave voice to a teen without a jaw

When Phoenix rapper Tikey “Trap House” Patterson heard of Isaiah Acosta wanting to spread a message, he gave him the opportunity to do it. And, the two together formed a brotherhood. Unfortunate, last Friday Patterson died after struggling with cancer, but his influence still lays with Isaiah. The Glendale teen was born without a jaw formed a band together.

Isaiah told The Republic in a text message that he felt Patterson was more of a brother than a friend.

It was 10 years ago Patterson made music, and ever since he’s opened for famous for hip hop artists such as 50 Cent, E-40, and Nas. During his time off stage, he was involved in community work, working to abdicate gun violence and helped raised money for kids in South Phoenix. It was after he met Isaiah his love and passion for music developed all the more.

Isaiah understands music and shares it with Patterson. He could only express his feeling for music regarding lyrics which were poetical in form as he could not sing. Isaiah can’t talk as he was born without a lower jaw or upper airways, He shared his story across Arizona. And, now he’s a local ambassador for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, the parent company of Phoenix Children’s Hospital. It was them who changed his whole life and made his dreams a reality.

They reached out to the rapper and saw if he was interested in working with Isaiah.

Patterson told The Republic last year that it was a different experience altogether and he’s never had the experience to communicate with someone that is completely mute, and it’s new. And, on the same day they met, they dropped the beat and made the record.

In November 2016, “Oxygen to Fly” was released with Patterson rapping to Isaiah s lyrics. The song got them popularity and gave a better platform. And, ever since they were touring nationwide wide together making music and recording.

Isaiah’s mom Tarah said that their relationship was more than just music. Patterson would often visit Isaiah at the hospital when he was in his low days or even come home for a visit. He became more of a brother to him than a friend.

He is described by Isaiah as the “Incredible Hulk” as he’s 6-foot-5 standing next to Isaiah’s 5-foot-2. Isaiah wrote in a text message that Patterson made him feel as big as him, he was humble, kind and made him feel like a brother. It’s through his voice that Isaiah ‘s message has been heard loud and clear, as he gave his words power.

Isaiah was living a dream life, something that was not expected and performed in front of celebrities such as Nick Cannon and Marie Osmond, and opened for the likes of Rich the Kid, Tech N9neand other artists.

It was November 2018 that Patterson was diagnosed with cancer, and Isaiah was with him throughout the time. He would be with him at the hospital and visited him often. It was until his last breath I Isaiah held his hand.

Isaiah felt numb after his friend’s death, but he’s finding faith knowing Patterson’s suffering is over.

He is going on with new events and will carry on to make the legacy of Patterson alive. Isaiah said that Patterson told him never to stop and he’s a far way to let it all go. But, he isn’t sure yet if what that means for his music. They still have a song to be released, and Isaiah will continue with his duty as an ambassador and. A musician.

Every time they were together on stage, Patterson would always make sure Isaiah get the stage by fading into the background.

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