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Arizona Athletic Department Undertaking Many Projects to Revamp Sports Facilities

The famous quote by the mighty Bobby Knight, “The key is not the will to win… everybody has that. It is the will to prepare for the win that is important,” emphasizes the need for training for any kind of sports. Arizona athletic department has been trying really hard to improve the facilities on the sports complex. They have allocated a budget of $66million to undertake the projects. The Arizona Board of Regents has approved this huge amount.

This amount will be invested in making improvements in Stadium, Softball center, aquatic center, and the most neglected indoor practice facility. The list of the projects goes like this,

1. Arizona Football Stadium– With a budget of $25 million, the project was intended to improve all over facilities in the stadium. It has a target of improving safety, modernizing the restrooms, increasing fan circulation, and other amenities for fans. This has also added a southeast entrance and a seating specifically for students.

2. Hillenbrand Softball Stadium– This project is expected to be over by February 2019 after eight months of being started. With a budget of $8million, this project mainly aims at fans. It will provide a new standing area, sunshade, and unique lodging areas for fans. It will also improve the press box, dugouts, as well as replacing the backstop netting system. Adding new restrooms and concessions is also there in the plan.

3. Hillenbrand Aquatic Center– This project is expected to be completed after a gap of 8 months in December this year. This has allowed replacing the old pump filtration system and chemical room. The new pool will be safer than before, and the length will also be on the higher side. The old pool has been done away with, and the new one was recently filled to be able to open the facility soon. It has a total budget of $13.25 million.

4. ICA Indoor Sports Center– With a big budget of $16 million, it should be open by early 2019. The construction and updating of facilities are coping the speed expected. It will have multiple spaces and facilities for various sports.

As the closing dates for these sports facilities are nearing, all that needs to be watched is, how these improvements are going to affect the performance of sports in Arizona positively.

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