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Arizona Game and Fish Department Request for Donations to Help Wildlife Get Water Relief

Arizona Game and Fish Department request for donations to help wildlife

Game and Fish Department of Arizona is looking for donations to help wild animals beat the heat by providing a water facility.

The department seeks to provider wild animals with life-sustaining water facility essential to survive in the dry regions of Arizona through donations.

The department has come up with an initiative to get donations. People can help animals to beat the heat with just a single text message. People need to type SENDWATER and send it to 41444 and help the wild animals get water relief.

The word should be typed as a single word without any space, and once it’s been forwarded to the number, the agency will send a link along with its logo to the mobile in order to complete the donation process.

The Arizona department maintains around 3,000 catchments, 1,000 Land Management Bureau and around 1,000 United States Forest Service water catchments. Animals such as deer, elk, bighorn sheep, and others regularly quench their thirst in the catchments.

In a press release on Wednesday, agency’s Habitat Planning program manager, Joseph Currie said,

Water catchments are used by all wildlife, and while badly needed monsoon rains recently returned, storms are often sporadic, and large sections of the state do not receive adequate water to sustain local wildlife populations.

Ever since January, last year, the Arizona department has filled the catchments with over 1.5 million gallons of water through airlift and truck.

Currie also monitors the water catchment work of the agency, said: “By hauling to water catchments, we’re helping to prevent the localized wildlife die-offs that could happen if water simply wasn’t available.”

The department had initiated a campaign named ‘Water for Wildlife’ in 2018 because the department doesn’t receive funds from Arizona’s general fund.

The donations received will be used to cover the cost of getting water to the animals also in the remote areas of the Arizona state. The program, apart from preserving populations, also helps prevents thirty animals from entering into urban regions that might be harmful, while searching for water.

Due to donations, the agency could buy fuel, new tires and trailer for a ‘water-hauling truck’ and support offset amount to airlift water across catchments for ‘bighorn sheep.’

The Arizona Game and Fish Department (AZGF) have collaborated with several great wildlife communities.

If looking for additional information on how the department protects and conserves the wild animals of the state or to make a contribution to the campaign ‘Water for Wildlife,’ you can visit the official website of the department or can also use your smartphone and send the text SENDWATER to 41444.

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