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Explore the Top 3 Events in Arizona

Every year, you’ll find exciting celebrations, traditions, festivals and other events throughout the state. So, if you stay in Arizona or even a visitor, all these events are worth experiencing at least once in your life. Here are a few we’ve listed for you to explore and enjoy the events happening in Arizona:

Quartzite Rock and Mineral Show
The town of Quartzite’s population grows to over a million guests each January and February. This is because of its annual mineral, and rock show is a noteworthy vacation destination offering the chance to purchase unusual things that one essentially can’t discover anywhere else. The Desert Gardens International Rock, Gem and Mineral Show features many stones, diamond, and mineral merchants from around the world in one of the world’s biggest outside bug markets. They sell both raw and finished products related to jewels, rocks, and minerals. In the event that you require a specific example for your collection, or if your kid likes to collect rocks, this is the place to go. You can purchase quartz gems, fossils, blessing things, adornments, expressions, and artworks.

Native American Arts Festival
If you want to experience the Native art and culture, this is one of the best events you should visit. Experience the living society of Tribal people group all through the state. Celebrate every clan’s past, present, and future at the event such as festivals, exhibitions, landmarks, museums and many more. You can learn about their artistic inspirations at this program. The Festival is free and proceeds with a convention of observing Native American legacy of celebrating Native American heritage through the art with demonstrations, active teaching, and presentations. The gathering features the artworks of many artists showcasing traditional and contemporary beadwork, garments, adornments, sketches and prints, ceramics, models and weaving, basketry, carvings, and glass art. As for cultural arts, its reflected in music, apparel, and Navajo carpets, quilts, Wampum shells, rock art, bows and bolts, sand art and many others.

Estrella Wars
This is the second biggest medieval amusement event in the nation. It started in the year 2012, and its supported by the Society for Creative Anachronism, a worldwide association devoted to researching and reproducing pre-seventeenth century European history. Roughly 5,000 reenactors from over the U.S. and around the world camp here for seven days, many in period camps – that is, their tents and decorations are particularly similar to what people would have used in the Middle Ages. School Tours give a basic prologue to life in the Middle Ages and direct a free one-hour visit through some of the Period Encampment and Demonstration zones, showing a sample of Medieval life as nearly as we can archive.

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