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Microsoft to create New ‘World Class’ Data Center Campuses in Arizona State

Microsoft to create New ‘World Class’ Data Center

Microsoft- the tech giant company and Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey revealed a significant development news on Tuesday, Microsoft will build 3 new ‘world-class’ data center campuses in the State of Arizona. The data center campuses will be constructed in Goodyear and EI Mirage, and these campuses will be powered completely by renewable energy.

Microsoft informed about the upcoming project in a press conference at Microsoft’s Tempe office.

Arizona Gov. Ducey mentioned that the new data centers, when they are ready and working, are estimated to bring a yearly economic impact of around $20 million. The tech giant company will create 110 new jobs for electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, data center technicians, and others. In order to develop three new data centers, Microsoft will create more than 1,000 construction jobs across the West Valley.

Microsoft firm will collaborate with Arizona based First Solar, over Sun Streams 2 photovoltaic (PV) solar plant’. It’s a 150-megawatt plant that uses some complex and ‘eco-efficient’ solar techniques, available in today’s world and will offer sufficient power to cover the energy load needed for new datacenters once the solar project starts working.

Microsoft’s energy and sustainability general manager, Brian Janous mentioned,

“Arizona has been increasingly embracing the technology industry with a pool of growing talent, affordable quality of life for employees, and as many 200 as sunny days a year making it an ideal location for investing in data centers and solar power.”

He also stated these resources would support Microsoft’s cloud services growing demand, in the Phoenix region and also the western US, completely.

Microsoft will also partner with Arizona Public Service on the solar project, the objective of the tech company is to achieve its goal and work on it, wants data center campuses to be powered by 70 percent renewable energy by 2023.

Janous stated we seek to build our new data center campuses to be the most ‘sustainably designed data centers’ across the world, powered entirely by renewable energy, and we are obtaining this vision in association with APS and First Solar.

Arizona Commerce Authority-CEO and President, Sandra Watson said, we are excited that the tech company has picked Arizona for these new facilities, which will bring over 1,100 indirect and direct employments in construction and data center works and have an important economic effect. We thank the company for investing in Arizona State and also thank Arizona Governor, Goodyear Mayor Georgia Lord and EI Mayor Alex Hermosillo for their guidance and also our associates at APS for assisting bringing this solar project to life.

Microsoft Company is grateful for the people of Arizona, its associates and government officials, particularly Arizona Gov. Ducey, Goodyear Mayor, EI Mirage Mayor, First Solar, Arizona Public Service and the Arizona Commerce Authority for assisting make its goal of ‘sustainable data centers’ and high renewable energy in Arizona State happen.

With the Datacenter Community Development project, Microsoft is closely involved in Goodyear, El Mirage, and Arizona. In 2018, the tech company invested over $80,000 on projects that provide economic, social, and environmental gains to the Arizona State.

Mayor of EI Mirage, Alexis Hermosillo said,

“The City of El Mirage is excited to welcome the Microsoft Corporation to CenterPoint Logistics Park. Microsoft is building a 254,000 SF world-class, sustainable data center campus on 150 acres in southern El Mirage. The Microsoft data center campuses benefit the City and region by investing millions in our economy, creating more than a thousand construction jobs and hundreds of permanent, high paying tech jobs that will improve the quality-of-life and opportunity for residents and the state.”

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