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Scottsdale’s 106-Year Old Man Celebrates Birthday on Christmas

How often do you see a happy couple and a couple staying and growing together for years? Not much, here is a couple that has been staying fit and together for the last 63 years. The husband, Mario was born in the day of Christmas.

This will be Mario’s 106th Christmas and Birthday.

The couple now lives in the Phoenix City. Mario saw his wife first at a corner in the street of a small town in Italy.

He thought the girl was beautiful and honest, and he wished to get the girl as his wife.

Remembering the wedding, Mario became little emotional. Describing the wedding, he recalled that it was attended by little more than six hundred people in a small Italian town. But, in the course of time they had moved to the U.S. With time, the couple became stronger and raised their family in Arizona.

Mario’s wife Anna is also clueless of his longevity. She said she didn’t know the key to his longevity. As per Anna, Mario eats and drinks like a normal old man. Anna said that his body might be different. Anna cooks pasta for Mario every day. He has been having pasta cooked by Anna for years now.

Mario said on a lighter note that he was born in the Christmas and everyone in his country respected him like Jesus.

When asked about the romantic nature of Mario, Anna said he wasn’t very romantic, but was unique in his own way.

Anna might not have the recipe which has made Mario’s life so long, but the love and warmth they share is definitely a factor. On this Christmas, we wish the couple grows even stronger in the coming years.

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