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Top 3 music venues in Bellingham

At any night of the week, you will find these music venues playing for you! Whether you love the country, blues, hip-hop, rock or any genre for that matter, you can sign your heart out, dance, bang your head to the music you enjoy at these venues listed below:

Mount Baker Theatre
It’s clear that MBT’s workers strive to get the best nearby, national, and worldwide live diversion to Bellingham. Along with keeping the building’s history alive, their central goal is to give access to various performing expressions and stimulation that improves and teaches the community. To accomplish their objectives, MBT has built up the Journeys Program which incorporates an ‘international ID’ loaded with socially various exhibitions that make you have a feeling that you’re submerged in some other time and place move the time and cost to venture out to New York, Seattle, or Vancouver, B.C.

Mount Baker Theater (MBT) has been conveying stimulation from around the globe to Bellingham (and the whole Bellingham area) since 1927, so it fits for the 2016-2017 season they’ve started the Journeys Program with the subject, “There’s a Whole Wide World in Here!” That is putting it mildly when you think about the noteworthy building and world-class, socially differing live theatre and music exhibitions that come to wonderful Bellingham from over the globe. What’s more, the 2016-2017 season is no exemption

Boundary Bay

Boundary Bay has experienced numerous progressions throughout the years, and it keeps on advancing to address the issues of its clients. In 1999 a deck was added to the current bistro and pub followed in 2000 by the option of the larger plant. The healthy Yam Enchiladas, the veggie lover Tofu Banh Mi, and The Great Northwest Pizza with smoked salmon and entire cloves of broiled garlic are the best. Individuals pick Boundary because the menu is new and sound and the bistro, deck, and brew cultivate all family-accommodating. The treats are additionally wanton yet worth each calorie.

It’s a kid-friendly place, not just has astounding sustenance and a flock of honor winning lager blended nearby. However, it likewise has a set of the local and visiting groups and endeavors to offer back to the nearby community. Limit Bay is likewise the ideal stop for the lager authority. In 2016 was named the “Biggest Brew Pub in the Country” by the National Brewer’s Association. With ten decisions on tap and two barrel brews, their pillars are joined via occasional and new alternatives normally changing including sours, reap specials, and even gluten-decreased lagers.

The Wild Buffalo House of Music

This place is also called The Buffalo, The Wild Buffalo House of Music’s essential center is to provide a podium for the most extensive set of unrecorded music in the Bellingham area. It plays all kinds of music and promotes local artist. Various big names likewise go to The Buffalo in light of the connections Jewell has worked with agents and acts throughout the years. Once in a while, the consideration Jewell has taken to keep ability cheerful satisfies not far off.

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