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Top Fun Things to Do in Tucson

When you are on an adventure to a place full of sunshine, rugged mountains, a unique mix of serene water and tons of fun, it’s hard to stay indoors. So, while you are out exploring Tucson bring you an extravaganza of fun things that you can indulge in like, biking, hiking, fishing, boating, shopping, off-roading, and watch all the amusement events at Tucson.

Don’t miss out on any of the below-listed activities while you’re at Tucson:

Go to Mount Lemmon Scenic Byway

The scenic drive will take you the upper reaches of Santa Catalina Range and Mount Lemon. It will give you an arresting view of the mountain and canyons, offering visitors a gravel or dirt road that last for over 5 miles. It’s breathtaking when you get there with lots of wildlife, and the views get greener and lushly as you climb higher up the mountains. It is considered to be the Skyland, and there are several places you could pull over along the way. So, you won’t run out of anything on your drive to this exotic piece of beauty. And, when you reach your destination, you could go for a nice quiet food at the top of the place.

Explore Valley of the moon

For those of you who like to live in the imaginary world, the great George Legler built this world of fantasy to carry a message of peace and kindness to all its visitors. He began this as a project in the 1920s, with a desire to spread his message to all that would listen to him. He was initially working as a clerk, but in 1912, his desire made him purchase the land for the moon. He had many friends who helped him transform the desert into a magical landscape. But, unfortunately, he fell ill and stopped giving tours, but a group of Catalina students came to his rescue and volunteered to maintain and preserve this site under George Phar Legler Society.

Do an amazing scavenger hunt

This is an amazing game you could do with your family or friends working as a team to hunt for your treasure. If you love playing detective games, this is an amazing real-life race which will take about three hours of your hunt! It’s a challenge combined with excitement three-hour city walking tour. All you need is your smartphone to guide this giant game board where you and your team would work together. You would be solving the challenges. And, it begins at the heart of the city and takes you into its local history through parks, historic hotels, cathedrals, theatres, etc. It’s a great way to know the city and its great for family and friends while you are on an adventure at Tucson!

Visit the Ignite Sign Art Museum

If you love art, this a place to visit and see the offbeat signs and signs everywhere. The beauty of this museum is the variety of signs on display. It’s got a collection of all the signs at Tucson, from neon, hand-painted, electric, Led and aluminum. This museum represents Tucson with is an unexpected and electric assortment of lights! The museum was started by Jude Cook, who loves the art of design and sign industry. All his life, he’s made famous signs and known for his renown work at Drachman and Main street. And, over the course of forty years, he collected all the signs and finally put it’s on display for the public to enjoy the light.

Eat at Bob’s Steak & Chop House

This place is rooted in tradition like a touchstone to a different era. With Omni Tucson Nation resort golf course below and a cozy ambiance, you would love this place. It’s peaceful and quiet here, and you could just relax. The whole setting will give you a nostalgic feeling! They offer great food, and the menu is filled with salads, sides and traditional foods for all the meat and potato lovers. The place is well known for using local ingredients straight from the farm, and you will find each of the tables features an edible centerpiece of red peppers and pickled cucumbers. Everything is big—the meat is all in huge portions, and the place takes pride in its generous portions and the food itself!

So, while you are here, explore everything that you can. Do not miss out on anything, Tucson will give you a lifetime holiday experience where you won’t find anywhere else!


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