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Woman Seeks Help to Find Dog

Pets are the real bond that keeps the family intact and complete. But, sometimes their loss becomes very depressing. The same has happened with a valley woman in Phoenix.

Crystel Lowery was fighting with a debilitating disease, and her pet Kash has been helping her with the fight. But, the pet disappeared last week and now telling everyone her story, she is expecting the dog to come back to her.

Lowery is devastated by the loss and thinks that the dog might have been stolen. Yet, she is hopeful of finding the dog with the help of the community.

She wished health for the dog and frightened to think the dog might be sleeping outside in the cold all these days.

Lowery has lupus, an autoimmune disease. She says Kash used to make her life much easier. Kash not only gave companionship but also the dog used to alert her for any future health crisis.

As per Lowery, the dog has been trained to detect sickness. Whenever the pet feels that Lowery is going to be sick, he barks really loud. With the help of the pet, only Lowery gets alerted about when to visit the hospital.

While cooking last Friday, she burnt food and filled the room with smoke. To get out of the smoke, she opened the door and went out. Along with her, Kash also got out nowhere to be found. Lowery said that Kash vanished like anything and she says the dog must have been missing her as well.

She thinks that someone might have picked the little dog from the road and now she wishes to find her dog if everyone is aware of the story. She needs her dog for her medical issues. It’s to be noted that Kash was not micro-chipped, but only had a collar.

Lowery said that she was completing a therapy dog programme to have him certified as a service animal. If found she has requested to call to the office of Lilly garden Apartments in Phoenix.

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