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140 Local Kids Participated in 2-day Summer Camp ‘Best Buy’s Geek Squad Academy’ in Phoenix

Best Buy’s Geek Squad Academy

The Phoenix region has few new young tech-savvy kids, set to change the future of the tech world.

A two –day tech camp was organized in the phoenix area to help young children to learn about the new technology. The two-day camp program was completed on Thursday afternoon.

The program named as ‘Best Buy’s Geek Squad Academy’ was organized at the Phoenix Program Service Center, and nearly 140 local young students participated in the program. The tech-savvy program has benefited kids to learn more about the opportunity the technology offers.

The students between the age group of 10 to 14 have gained basic knowledge of coding website, they learned about making music beats, shooting stop-motion films. They did not stop here rather moved a step ahead and programmed real-time robots.

The two-day program was free and students studied endless opportunities for the technology.

Tech-savvy, Delanie Quijada told I am very lucky to have this tech opportunity to learn and do this thing.

Members of Geek Squad visit different places across the world during summer hosting technology camps for children and youth. The organizers of tech program believe students by participating in tech camps get attracted in STEM fields.

Allowing the student to explore the technology and science field at an early age will help them to prepare for upcoming careers.

The US Department of Labor report mentions that by 2020, more than 80 percent of jobs must have technical skills.

Field lieutenant of Geek Squad Academy, Gabriel Villareal stated, ‘It’s a great way to get their foot in the door.’

Students who participated and completed the two-day tech camp were offered with a certificate as an ‘official tech geek’ on the last day.  The program inspired many students.

The Geek Squad Academy divides boys and girls separately and thus unique.

Organizers of Geek Squad Academy mentions, as per the research data girls are more comfortable and learn more in the absence of boys around. Only 18 percent of girls graduate with a computer science degree; the academy aims to kindle the interests in girls as much as possible.

About Geek Squad Academy

Geek Squad Academy collaborates with local non-profit organizations and schools and helps students to learn about emerging technologies in an interactive, fun environment. The tech camps are held for students between the age group of 10 to 16.

The Academy includes tech topics such as Digital Citizenship, Robotics, Digital Music, programming, and 3D design.

The main objective of Academy is to spark interest in youth over emerging technology and simultaneously build friendship and increase self-confidence level.

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