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App to Assist You at the Dining

Have you ever thought of visiting a restaurant after being aware of how they serve? Yes, what they serve is easily available on the internet. But, how they serve is all that matters to your health. Because, in a restaurant, there are a lot of things to watch for like, hygiene while cooking, cleanliness of water, cleanliness of food, and cleanliness of utensils as well.

But, you personally don’t have to do this. Here is an app that will do these things for you. The Phoenix-based company behind the HD Scores app will now provide you with every detail of a restaurant that you want to dine in.

There is no way other than this app you can ever know this detail of any restaurant. It has many factors of rating through which you can know the score of the restaurants on various parameters.

It has access to many restaurants in the whole country. It takes into account the data of the last two years. The people at HD Score app will get the information on various parameters and every violation. On the scale of how serious the violation is, and whether it is repeatable or not, the app awards scores to the restaurants concerned.


  • It takes into account every small detail of the food inspector report. It records the number of violations, whether the violation is repeated, criticality of the violation and if the violation is corrected on the site.
  • It awards the restaurants based on the parameters mentioned above.
  • It also shows the percentage between the best and worst restaurants in terms of hygiene.
  • The data is provided to HD Scores app by the public health inspectors and by the local department. They even use public data to judge a particular establishment.
  • The score over this app is based on the same standard across the nation.
  • It covers not only the restaurants but also schools, hospitals, nurseries, stadium, and theatres.

It’s indeed an effective and noble idea, as people in the United States have seen much more instances of foodborne diseases. As per a report in a year, 48 million Americans fall sick, and 128,000 visit hospital and 3000 die of foodborne infections and diseases.

This app lets its user see the score of individual restaurant and score across the sections as well. But, it’s to be noted that they don’t inspect restaurants, they simply rely on the government data. They are a private organization without any affiliation to the government. And the service they pay is only available across the iOS platform, and it’s chargeable.

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