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Arizona Wildcat’s Omar will Go to Wright State

The Belgian forward Omar Thielemans is going to be transferred to the Wright state after he left the Wildcat in October. Though it’s yet to confirmed by Omar, his activity in Twitter also implicated this.

Omar Thielemans had left the Wildcats after Coach Sean Miller’s statement that Omar wouldn’t be playing much of this season. During the October press conference, Sean had praised Omar attributing him as a great kid trying really hard to excel in European college basketball at a higher level and in the transition from FIBA basketball. He considered him as a developmental player, and he is quite optimistic to have him on the forefront.

The effort to get Omar’s reaction to this went unanswered.

According to Chase Jeter, Dylan Smith did pretty well on Wednesday while also helping Bradson Williams to get back from injury. It’s to be noted that Williams and Justin Coleman collided on December 14 practice and Williams bruised his knee badly.

Jeter emphasizing on the health of every member said Williams is now trying hard to get back to shape. He is struggling with his injury. As it’s a long season and they are hopeful to continue, everyone should be fit and ready. They are trying hard to keep people healthy so that in the time of need, everyone is considered.

Devonaire Doutrive

Devonaire debuted this season on November 29 with two points in seven minutes. Miller is quite optimistic about Devonaire. Miller went on praising him for his confidence and commitment towards the court and how he is allowing him to grow. His game makes total sense, and he will be growing more. After some tough games from Alabama, and Baylor Devonaire’s value for the next games will be high. Praising him for his confidence, Miller said that was what all it takes in the game.

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