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D.J. Swearinger Returns to Cardinals

Just two days after, D.J. Swearinger ripped Greg Manusky for the loss to the Titans; the Redskins released him. He was waived off later this Monday. This is the third time that he’s been put into office.

He’s had a long career with the Cardinals, and played with the team in 2015 and 2016, and tackled in 20 games with Arizona. And, in 2018 he did 52 tackles and tailed about four interceptions.

In his interview, he stated that he does not have any words for this. He was the captain and thought he could improve this year on everything and got a slap on the face and was released. He had put his whole heart every week, and it says a lot about the organization.

This year the Redskins will save quite a million off their 2019 salary cap as he had one season left for the 3-year deal.

A source told ESPN that it was easy to release him as he had been warned several times regarding his remarks about the team.

Gruden, the coach, told the reporters that he’s felt Swearinger player has gone too far many times with his rebukes.

He also added that, as an organization, they have tried to keep their business with the walls, and there’s been a lot of talk about it, but Swearinger’ wanted to get the media involved again and talk about his displeasure.

In his first six seasons, Swearinger has played with four teams, and he’s been released off Houston and Tampa Bay. It was on Saturday that he publicly criticized Manusky after being upset on a critical 3-7 late in the game.

Swearinger told 106.7 The Fan that he watched more movies than the coaches, and sometimes would text them about the strategies they could work on, or he felt he could work for the team. And, Manusky told him he wanted him on his staff when’s he’s done playing.

Last season, he was the captain, but this year the coaches opted for others. And, Swearinger said he at peace about the decision but was still under shock.

And, he’s finally back with the team!

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