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Eleven Suspects Charged in South Phoenix Drug Distribution Ring

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Eleven Suspects Charged in South Phoenix Drug Distribution Ring

June Seay

A grand jury has charged people on multiple charges involving a drug distribution ring that operated in the South Phoenix, the Arizona Attorney General’s Office said.

The indictment comes after a year-long Phoenix police investigation that involved dealing in Oxycodone, crack cocaine and marijuana, the office said in a press release Wednesday.

As per the Attorney General’s Office, police served 14 search warrants in the South Phoenix area between January 25 and Feb. 8.

The indictment has charged the 11 people with nearly 30 counts total, including illegally conducting an enterprise, possession of narcotics, multiple charges involving the possession or sale of the drugs and misconduct involving weapons.

Charles Sam Riggins Jr., 46 and Rachelle Woodard, 40, are suspected of manufacturing and selling the drugs to several of the other defendants who face charges of possessing or transporting drugs for sale, according to the Attorney General.  

Nine other individuals also face charges. They were identified as Robert Tate; Moesha Reed; Glenda Hackworth; Deitra Ishop; Eric Brown; Darrell Melvin; Tazio Tate; Rea’ane Bowman; and Allie Bowman.

However, their ages have not been made public yet.

June Seay
June Seay

June Seay has recently joined our team as a content officer. She has written a number of news articles in a different niche such as Business, Education, Legal, and Lifestyle. She has 10+ years of experience in writing and has interviewed multiple personalities of various backgrounds. She also loves to write books on personal finance.

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