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Legalization of Marijuana Receives Support in Arizona

The use of Marijuana has been increasing, and it is now available predominantly. But, the legal status of Marijuana concerning the legal age limit to use is the bone of contention in many countries. The United States has also been facing the same dilemma for many years. Arizona is one of those states which have been showing a mixed response to the legalization of Marijuana in different times.

However, a new poll now shows that Arizona voters are increasingly inclining towards legalizing adult use of marijuana. There have been many bills as such to authorize the use of marijuana, but all of them failed in the past. But, looking at the results of the new poll, it is evident that the new bill would get enormous support from the community itself.

According to Noah Rudnick, a senior data analyst at OH Predictive Insights, the tweak in the language of the bill is the key here for the change in the poll results. Previous bills have failed to pass by the voters as words like “possession” and “consumption” were used. This time the poll has used the word “adult use” which has given the above results. This word could have been a major factor in convincing the voters that marijuana consumption will be done responsibly if it is legalized.

“That’s what we think will be on the ballot instead, and so we were testing to see if this phrasing is more in support,” Rudnick said. “If the election were today, with ‘adult use,’ it’s almost a guarantee this would pass.”

The Poll-

The recent poll of OH Predictive Insights showed that 52 percent of Arizonan voters are favoring the legalization of adult use of marijuana whereas 41 percent of voters are against it. Just 7 percent of the participating people are unsure of the process.

The question in the poll was, “Do you believe that marijuana should be legalized for adult use in the state of Arizona?” It has deliberately avoided words like “possession” and “consumption.”

It should be noted that there was similar voting in 2016 as well, but that did not show results of this kind, the polls in the very past did.

Mike Noble, a managing partner of Phoenix-based OH Predictive Insights, said that if the phrase “adult use” would be used in the ballot in 2020, this will have a bright chance of being passed by the voters. It should be noted that the poll was conducted between February 12 and 13. Of the total voters, 47 percent voted over cell phones and 53 percent on landlines.

Yet, the whole of the voters is not happy with the process. Older voters, Republicans, and Hispanic voters have shown the most vigorous opposition in the poll. 

The same vote was also used to know the sentiments of people about the Presidency of Trump. The poll results showed that 52 percent of voters strongly approve of President Trump and 47 percent disapprove of Trump.

As far as the demographics are concerned in the polls, voters in the age range of 18 to 54 have supported the legalization of Marijuana by a margin of 57 to 35 percent. And older voters above 65 have opposed such a step by a margin of 48 to 43 percent.

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