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Mark Kelly a NASA Astronaut Declares to Run For McCain Senate Seat In Arizona

Retired astronaut Mark Kelly announced on Tuesday that he is going to run to finish the last term of John McCain in the US Senate. Kelly has been over the years an ardent advocate of gun-control following a failed assassination bid on his wife Gabrielle Gifford’s who was a former U.S Rep.

Kelly, 54 has been recruited by the Democratic party, and he will be pitted against the Republican Martha McSally which is being touted as one of the closely contested Senate races leading to the 2020 election.

A former Republican Congresswoman, McSally was appointed to McCain’s seat the previous year following her narrow defeat from Krysten Sinema of Democrat. At the time, McSally heavily depended on her laurels as she was the first woman to have flown a combat mission as a fighter pilot. However, she was rejected owing to her embracing President Donald Trump.

So, in the event, Kelly gets nominated, the contest would pit a Navy veteran and astronaut against a highly revered and efficient Air Force Pilot against each other to succeed McCain, who served a legendary Navy flyer having been shot down famously and held as captive.

Also, the election that is going to take place next year will determine the who will finish the last two years of McCain’s term. Also, in 2022, the winner would have the opportunity to again run for a full six-year term in the year 2022.

McSally was defeated by Democrat’s candidate a few months ago, and therefore Democrats are waiting with great anticipation the Arizona contest.

Kelly, who is a retired captain of the navy, had flown combat missions using the aircraft carrier at the time of first Gulf War. Later, he turned to the profession of astronaut along with his twin brother who is Scott Kelly. During the year from 2001 to 2011, Kelly flew four missions. Also, he has never been elected to any office before.

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