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US Jury Unable to take action against Arizona Border Activist Scott Daniel Warren

Arizona Border

On 11th May, the Arizona Judge failed to take action against a border activist Scoot Daniel Warren. Warren was accused in a trial of conspiracy in sending two of harbor refugees and saving them from the law of enforcement.

Warrens’ defense attorney said that a border activist -36 years old, by professional a geography instructor of college was just kind to the migrants and offered them with basic requirements such as food, water, and lodging facility at the time when he was detained back in 2018. He faced imprisonment for 20 years.

The Judge of Tucson took an additional day to decide over the federal charges against Warren but failed to pass a verdict. He was arrested at Ajo of Arizona by the Border Patrol of US in January 2018. 

The prosecutors mentioned that the refugees were not in pain and Warren made a deal to send and harbor them to a location, used mostly to offer help to refugees near the town of Arizona close to the border of US-Mexico.

Warren was facing two counts for sheltering them and one count for making a deal to transport them at a building within Ajo. The building is used by groups and offers basic essential needs to migrants, coming from southern deserts of Arizona.

The immigration trial was hoping to set an example for the citizens of America on what legal help should be provided to the unregistered refugees after the US President requested federal lawyers to find people harboring migrants.

Now, the federal lawyers have a choice to either free Warren from all the charges, a suggestion urged by officers of United Nation and a petition signed by 137,000 of peoples requesting to free him or the federal prosecutors can ask for a new trial with a new judge.

Warren even works as a volunteer for a faith group No More Deaths, which offers medical help, food, and water to refugees arriving from the southern desert of Arizona. He is also accused of criminal charges relating to his work with the group and the only one among other members to face criminal charges.

Border activists mention they are concerned about the humanitarian penalties.

Earlier in 2019 another US citizen, Teresa Todd a county attorney, in West Texas was arrested for stopping her car across a highway and taking 3 of the young immigrants into her car, she was asked to stop by the police. Later the federal agents checked her phone details.

The defense team in the criminal case related to Warren was led by Greg Kuykendall debated that Warren could not send the two refugees away, who crossed the harsh desert in order to reach the United States. He was legally practicing his religious views and rights to assist the immigrants after they spend two days in the desert.

However, on Monday jury members mentioned that they were unable to decide on the charges and reach to a conclusion against the border activists, but a federal jury informed them to continue debating. Even on Tuesday they failed to pass a verdict and finally freed the border activist from all charges.

From 2001 onwards, nearly 3,000 of illegal immigrants have died while attempting to cross the region, the temperature of the area crosses above 46 Celsius, reported by Pima County Office.

 Warrens’ parents managed to gather signatures of around 128,000 people requesting the Attorney Office of US in Tucson to withdraw all charged against Warren.

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