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Historic New Anti-Cruelty Law to be Effective from Tuesday in Arizona

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Historic New Anti-Cruelty Law to be Effective from Tuesday in Arizona

June Seay
Historic New Anti-Cruelty Law to be Effective

Good news for animal lovers in Arizona State, Arizona government proposed a new law against animal cruelty, to be effective from August 27th, Tuesday. Under the new anti-cruelty law, animal attackers will face more severe punishment.

The historic law is named as ‘HB2671’. The law is created basically to hold animal attackers responsible by taking legal action, such as imposing tougher punishments for their criminal behavior against animals.

Prior to this law, most horrible cases of animal cruelty were ranked as ‘Class 6 felony’, which is one of the least designated ranks.

Arizona State shelter providers such as the Arizona Humane Society (AHS) are rejoicing the new anti-cruelty law. AHS has been battling for the new legislation from the past four years, and finally, they have the legislation in place.

CEO and president of Arizona Humane President, Dr. Steven Hansen responded to the news saying,

There was an amazing outpouring of support for this legislation. It is saddening that the worst abusers would get a simple slap on the wrist. We are so heartened that the people of our state have been heard and that pets have a voice.

The new anti-cruelty law also states that animal attackers get supervised treatment and probation, a major element to get animal abusers the assistance they require. Employees of shelter provider too often notice how offensive people can be to pet animals.

However, the Field Team of AHS helped law enforcement agency on suspicious animal cruelty cases of around 7,400 in 2018.

One of animal cruelty case out of them was regarding a dog named Copper, the dog was repeatedly wounded by his master.

Police officers mentioned that ex-owner of Copper, Andrian P. Aliguin- 26-year-old, repeatedly wounded his pet animal and later left the place without offering any medical care for the dog.

As per the police report, the dog owner, Aliguin said “the dog was chasing people outside and that he brought it in the house and stabbed it and killed it.”

During the investigation, police discovered a knife with blood from the location.

The dog owner is facing felony charges of animal cruelty and also misdemeanor charges for not providing medical care.

Cobber experienced a tough time and suffered immensely. The dog had severe injuries; one of the injuries was on his trachea.

Later, Copper was given medical treatment at the Second Chance Animal Hospital of Arizona Humane Society. Thankfully the dog was healed. The dog received medical treatment for over a month and TLC, finally ready to be adopted and find a new home and caring family.

June Seay
June Seay

June Seay has recently joined our team as a content officer. She has written a number of news articles in a different niche such as Business, Education, Legal, and Lifestyle. She has 10+ years of experience in writing and has interviewed multiple personalities of various backgrounds. She also loves to write books on personal finance.

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