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Isaac Kappy – The Thor Actor Jumps off from Arizona Bridge Dies

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It’s sad news for fans of Isacc Kappy and to his close ones. Isacc Kappy who played a small role in the movie ‘Thor’ released in 2011 died on Monday.

Spokesperson of the Public Safety Department said that the reason why Isaac Kappy took his life has not known.

Officer’s says he forced himself to fall from the bridge near Flagstaff and later was hit by a vehicle on Interstate 40.  He was 42 years old.

Arizona Department of Public Safety authority,  Bart Graves on Tuesday mentioned, he jumped off from the Transwestern Road Bridge on Interstate 40 at 7.30 a.m. later was hit by a pickup truck, Ford.  A source reported the news.

Two of the youths came out of their vehicle and attempted to save Isaac Kappy physically from jumping, but were not successful in doing so, authorities informed.

Isaac Kappy was not only the actor but was also the Monster Paws band member. Santa Maria states that Isaac Kappy was part of the few biggest musical adventures of his life. It will be difficult to forget him and his nature and kindness.

Santa Maria is his band colleague; she says that he was a great engineer, a producer, and a strong-willed person. Nobody can replace him, and impossible to find another person like him.

Graves informed that nobody was hurt during the incidence and as of now the investigation is closed. “We don’t know why Mr. Kappy took his own life.”

He had played small roles in movies apart from ‘Thor’ such as ‘Fanboys,’ ‘Terminator Salvation’ and ‘Beerfest.’ The actor was from New Mexico.

However, before this incidence happens, Isaac Kappy uploaded a long post on Instagram stating: “While I supposedly wanted to make America great, I have not put much work AT ALL into making MYSELF great.”

The officers believe it to be a case of suicide, and the investigation is directing towards it.

He even accepted through the Instagram post for hurting his body with drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes, and also hurting people from whom is received, love.

He further added to his post:

“To the Many people I have acted abusively towards, I am very, very sorry. To my former friends, I have used and betrayed. I am sorry. To those I have deceived, I am sorry, although I must say, in my SHEER ARROGRANCE, I did not even realize that I had been a bad actor all along.”

Two days before his death incidence, Kappy revealed his last speech on Instagram. The Instagram speech was long and lengthy and captioned saying, “Beware the man that has nothing to lose, for he has nothing to protect.” Through the Instagram post, he has apologized to his friends. 

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