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Orme Fire Burns 1,200 acres Seven Miles Northeast of Mayer


Orme Fire Burns 1,200 acres Seven Miles Northeast of Mayer

June Seay
Orme Fire Burns 1,200 acres Seven Miles Northeast of Mayer

Another wildfire incidence noticed near Mayer of Arizona.

Prescott National Forest mentions that the Orme fire was burning from Thursday, and now has covered 1,200 acres. The wildfire started at 11:30 am on 4th July.

The Orme Fire is burning at Prescott National Forest around seven miles of the northeast, Mayer.

The Yavapai County Sheriff’s office is requesting people residing on Orme Road and south of Highway 169 to be ready to evacuate. However, the wildfire has not caused any structural damage. They even said that the fire was burning in bushes and grass.

Orme Road, south of Highway 169 is currently shut to the people as crew members fight against the fire. People can get the latest information about traffic on websites.

Fire crew members used burnout activities across the northeast corner of the wildfire that helped to reduce the growth as winds moved the fire to north and south.

Authorities stated control lines were executed to assist in decreasing fuels and fire; this will minimize the chances of wildfire to ignite in the region.

As per Prescott National Forest authorities, the cold temperature in the evening along with high humidity will help firefighters to focus on creating control lines.

There was no more information available about the Orme Fire like how the wildfire started or how much fire was controlled by firefighters. The wildfire authorities are carrying an investigation of the incidence.

June Seay
June Seay

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