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Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams Speaks over Controversial Video; Issues Apology

Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams

Recently, a shoplifting incident went viral and captured more attention for the police behavior. Arizona’s family members then filed a suit claiming $10 million against the City of Phoenix for violating civil rights. The police officers failed to deal with the situation appropriately.

Police Chief Jeri Williams of Phoenix, upon knowing the incident, contacted Arizona’s Family members and discussed the situation with them.

During a Sunday interview, the Phoenix Police Chief offered an apology for the officer’s misconduct regarding the shoplifting incidence. Jeri Williams said in an interview:

“Every time I look at that video, it’s extremely unsettling. I apologize to the family, and I apologize to the community.”

Police Chief even offered her apology to the public due to police officers misconduct and said this is not the kind of behavior one should see from the officers. Jeri Williams further added there were “more facts to the story.”

The incidence took place on May 27th, when adults decided to visit a local business, steal some products, and get involved in committing theft, Police Chief mentioned.

However, the video uploaded on Friday shows that police officers were aiming guns at Arizona’s family members, shouting vulgar orders to a father and pregnant women, who was holding a baby. Meanwhile, Police Chief Officer stated that:

“When officers go to make initial contact, they run out of the store. We make a traffic stop. As the vehicle is fleeing, the car stops. We arrest one woman who is charged with warrants later. The car flees again.”

The parents mentioned their four-year-old daughter took a doll from the store, without their knowledge.

Police Chief Williams said we should communicate in a better way, and we will observe other things. We will even look at the policy and also at advanced training. Society is good. We are looking at individual situations, especially those who are damaging our status and not only of Phoenix police officers but as of law enforcement and sure that we will rebuild it.

Police Chief Williams further added, “This is not what 2900 officers in the City of Phoenix are all about.”

Police Chief for the first time responded to the incident on Friday in a video posted on Phoenix police’s Facebook account.

On Sunday she said, we are unhappy with the incidence, angry and sad too. This is not something that should take place.

The video was recorded through a cell phone device on May 27th. The cell phone recorded a video of Phoenix police officers attempting to detain family near an apartment complex.

Police officers mentions, the four-year-old daughter stole a doll from the Family Dollar Store, located at 36th Street and McDowell Road.

No one was detained during the incident.

The couple named Dravon Ames and Iesha Harper filed a lawsuit on Thursday against the City of Phoenix.

The lawsuit filing alleges that police authorities of Phoenix were involved in police violence and violated civil rights. The report also mentions, the incidence took place on 29th May, but the police officers claim it on 27th May.

The couple says there were unaware of their daughter taking a doll and only knew when they were in the car.

The police officers involved in the incidence were re-appointed; meantime, the department is investigating the incidence. Police Chief has not spoken to the officers yet because of the investigation process.

While on Saturday, Mayor Kate Gallego of Phoenix issued a statement and emphasized how horrified she is about the video.

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